The AIworx way

A results-oriented process

Our work process



Making sure that we are solving the right problem and that we understand your environment



• Getting the creative juices flowing • Comparing solutions to identify the best impact generator



Answering the questions: • Who will do the work? • How much will it cost? • When will it be completed? Making sure that everyone is comfortable with the plan



• Managing complexity and risk with the V-diagram design approach • Communicating progress through a milestone-based verification process



Transforming ideas into reality



Making sure everything works, every step of the way



Supporting you all the way to success

What is being said about us

  • "Because it was subjected to so many constraints, the development of the illuminator required some serious systems science skills. AIworx was flexible from beginning to end and acted as an extension of our R&D group. Not all companies accept to work in this manner, but this is what we need in order to succeed in our business.
    Florent Bouguin, Ing, M.Sc.ABB inc.
  • "AIworx' expertise in systems science as well as its collaborative attitude make it a unique partner for innovation projects."
    Christophe Deutsch, R&D ManagerTelops
  • "The team was easy to work with, has a high level of expertise and is very communicative. The solution was delivered in a timely manner and was just what we needed."
    Jorge PirisEuropean Space Agency
  • "AIworx provided quality work on a tight schedule and provided many informative previews of their final output well before the actual project deadline. They have a good grasp of the technological marketplace."
    Nathan Stodola, Director of ResearchDelos Labs
  • "AIworx' personnel had the capacity to integrate our systems engineering team and to deliver high-quality deliverables on time and within cost. I appreciate the way they understand customer needs."
    Florent Bouguin, Ing, M.Sc.ABB inc.