We provide efficient technological solutions
to complex challenges in the industrial, defense and aerospace sectors.


Take the guesswork out of the equation.

Act quickly and confidently. Artificial intelligence adds predictability to your industry.

  • Measure. Learn. Optimize. Control. That’s how we improve global efficiency.
  • Optimize uptime with predictive maintenance.
  • Predict and optimize quality based on multiple production parameters.
  • Build an adaptive production line that improves every time you build a unit.
  • Your products can now speak to you; discover new opportunities by listening to them.

Learn how you can put artificial intelligence to work in your industry.

  • Agriculture
  • High-tech
  • Mining and first transformation
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Paper
  • Tire and rubber


Constraints? Bring ‘em on!

When things get tough, it’s time to innovate. And that’s what AIworx does best. You can trust our team of experts to deliver solutions that meet your demanding requirements.

We bring to the table expertise in machine learning for:

  • Image processing
  • Data mining
  • Multiparameter performance analysis
  • Mission-critical failure prediction

We’re also experts in:

  • Spectrometers
  • Radiometry
  • Metrology
  • Imaging systems


We’ll help you bring the future to the battlefield.

Because getting the right information to the right person at the right time can be the difference between life and death.

We strive to understand the reality of the modern defense force and to develop instrumentation and systems that increase operational awareness and accelerates the decision process.

  • "AIworx' expertise in systems science as well as its collaborative attitude make it a unique partner for innovation projects."
    Christophe Deutsch, R&D ManagerTelops
  • "AIworx' personnel had the capacity to integrate our systems engineering team and to deliver high-quality deliverables on time and within cost. I appreciate the way they understand customer needs."
    Florent Bouguin, Ing, M.Sc.ABB inc.
  • "AIworx provided quality work on a tight schedule and provided many informative previews of their final output well before the actual project deadline. They have a good grasp of the technological marketplace."
    Nathan Stodola, Director of ResearchDelos Labs
  • "The team was easy to work with, has a high level of expertise and is very communicative. The solution was delivered in a timely manner and was just what we needed."
    Jorge PirisEuropean Space Agency
  • "Because it was subjected to so many constraints, the development of the illuminator required some serious systems science skills. AIworx was flexible from beginning to end and acted as an extension of our R&D group. Not all companies accept to work in this manner, but this is what we need in order to succeed in our business.
    Florent Bouguin, Ing, M.Sc.ABB inc.