Smart smelting monitoring

Smart smelting monitoring


Metal smelting is the process of extracting a base metal from its ore – an activity performed by humans for thousands of years. In an increasingly competitive global market, smelting operations nowadays are under intense pressure to improve their processes, reduce errors and accidents and improve production efficiency.

Traditional process monitoring equipment installed in smelting environments simply fails due to high temperatures and events inherent to this industrial process. Can we develop equipment to remotely monitor and improve smelting processes?


AIworx has developed a wide-dynamic range camera-based monitoring system that is installed at a safe distance from the smelting equipment. Integrated machine vision algorithms are used to monitor and automatically detect several normal and abnormal smelting events allowing operators to improve smelting processes.

The solution features:

  • Real-time event detection enabling timely process adjustments
  • Autonomous operation with no human intervention
  • Seamless integration with the process network for event flagging and data archiving



  • Improvement of process information quality and reduction of latency
  • Reduction of human errors
  • Recording of historical data allowing for global analyses and overall optimisation