Protection against pirates

Protection against pirates


Costs stemming from acts of nautical piracy are estimated at several billion dollars annually.

In an InnoCentive challenge, Britain’s Royal Navy asked if it would be possible to provide cost-effectivesolutions that are both nondestructive and nonlethal to fendoff suspect craft as theyapproach vessels.


Emerging technologies can help in taking proactive steps early (when suspect craft are still far from the vessel) in order to increase the chances of averting a boarding and preventing interaction between the suspected pirates and the vessel’s crew. The award-winning solution proposed by AIworx includes the use of autonomous aerial and nautical drones whose positions and actions are controlled using advanced algorithms. The drones are used to:

  • Get a better assessment of the situation
  • Communicate with the suspicious craft
  • Deploy deterrents to slow down or incapacitate the craft or its occupants


  • Vessel crews assisted in making faster and better decisions
  • Increased nautical safety
  • Reduced costs related to nautical piracy