Portable pharmaceutical production line inspection tool

Portable pharmaceutical production line inspection tool


Cross-contamination in production lines is an important concern, especially for the packaging of pharmaceutical products.  Packaging errors reduce the safety of the public and cost hundreds of millions per year to the industry in recalls and fines.


AIworx has developed an optimized portable inspection tool combining lighting, video capture, image processing and alerting when stray tablets are detected in the production line.

The solution features:

  • Easy-to-use lightweight belt-mounted system
  • Computer vision algorithms based on color and shape recognition
  • Automated report generation and synchronisation upon connection to a local area network
  • Articulated telescopic arm to facilitate the inspection of hard-to-reach areas
  • Simple configuration and verification capabilities using QR codes


  • Reduction of inspection errors and product recalls
  • Enhanced detection of stray tablets when operator is tired or distracted
  • Reduction of operator load with automated report generation