High-speed train tracks inspection

High-speed train tracks inspection


Nowadays, train tracks are inspected either manually or with apparatus installed on slow-moving dedicated maintenance vehicles.

Having to dedicate time slots for railway inspection impacts transportation capacity, and ultimately profitability. This is why a Deutscher Technologiedienst challenge called for a track inspection solution that can be used on current passenger and freight trains travelling at normal speeds.


The  award winning solution proposed by AIworx includes:

  • Advanced vision system that reconstructs the tracks 3D profiles.
  • Image analysis algorithms to detect damages on the tracks.
  • Machine learning approaches are used to automatically improve information accuracy over time.
  • Geolocation capabilities to allow rapid navigation in the report database and facilitates the work of maintenance personnel.

The results are accessible to maintenance crews using simple and intuitive reports from the cloud database. Augmented reality user interfaces can also be deployed to improve the efficiency of the repair teams.


  • Increased safety of railways
  • Ensures compliance with regulations (FRA, etc.)
  • Decreased unplanned railway interruptions
  • Increased railway capacity and profitability