Automation of sewer-overflow monitoring

Automation of sewer-overflow monitoring


Did you know thatevery year in the United States1.2 trillion gallons of raw sanitary wastewater, untreated industrial wasteand stormwaterruns offinto receiving waters?

The city of Cincinnati, Ohio, posted a challenge on InnoCentive to “design an efficient and low maintenance sensor to monitor sewer overflows in real time, which would also be inexpensive enough for municipalities and wastewater utilities to afford broader deployments than conventional sensors allow.”


AIworx won an award from InnoCentive for a detailed concept of a network-connected, non-contact measurement system. The completely autonomous system uses machine-to-machine communication technology to send information in real time to a cloud-based network,giving the right people access to the right information at the right time.


An information-rich and affordable solution that can be broadly deployed over municipal sewage networks.

The solution allows cities to act proactively and therefore reduce public-health and environmental issues related to sewer overflow.

The solution helps municipalities stay in compliance with the U.S. Clean Water Act and avoid penalties for contravention.