Automated, 3-D mobile-sensor placement

Automated, 3-D mobile-sensor placement


When you need to act in a setting that is unfamiliar, hard to reach and dangerous, environmental awareness is a must. Is it possible to have an automated system that can move in an initially unknown and completely arbitrary three-dimensional environment and generate a 3-D representation of it and of targets of interest?


Experts at AIworx have developed a revolutionary sensor-placement system that is able to simultaneously discover and acquire a scene of interest.

The solution includes automatic control of drones (airborne and ground-based) equipped with 2-D vision technology. The drones move about and position themselves in an optimized way to provide incremental modeling and 3-D rendering of the environment.


An intuitive, automated mobile-sensor-placement system that can be used for:

  • Surveillance of public sites without prior knowledge of the environment
  • Exploration and better situational awareness in dangerous or hard-to-reach places,such as:

- Planetary surfaces
- Damaged or burning buildings
- Mine shafts
- Nuclear reactors
- Disaster areas